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We have built some amazing products over the last 17 years with 100% customer satisfaction record.

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Ruby on Rails

Fast prototyping and state of the art web application development.


Scalable and state of the art web application development.


Next generation UI framework for modern web applications.


Native mobile app development using Apple language, Swift.


Native mobile app development using Google language, Java.


High level scripting language to make your applications interactive.

Some of our projects

We have been involved in many exciting projects over the years. We have either created applications ground-up or leveraged third-party services to smoothly integrate.

  • Recommender Systems

    Recommender system using medical algorithm for health optimization.

  • Real Time Messaging

    Real time messaging using XMPP, Twilio, and Sendbird.

  • Tokbox Integration

    Full integration of audio/video application for real-time communication and broadcasting.

  • Audio Streaming

    Mobile application with distributed audio streaming and encoding.

  • Distributed CDN

    Implementation of 1st-tier and 2nd-tier distributed storage with China accessibility. 

  • LTR Interface

    We build left-to-right interfaces and applications with languages such as Farsi and Hebrew


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